Money! Love! Power! Ketamine and the Universe’s Secrets

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Money! Love! Power! Ketamine and the Universe's Secrets

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You’re in for a treat! Kathryn DeYoung and Zach Berman are two friends and colleagues who are also therapists that got roped into joining one of Calliope’s ketamine-therapy retreats. Actually they both volunteered, each for interesting personal reasons. Each of the several ketamine experiences I facilitated for them were always equally profound, hilarious, and eye-opening. You’ll get to hear what The Universe told Zack, once he reached its edge, and why Kathryn got “Money! Love! Power!” tattooed on her brain after one journey. Both informative and entertaining, these two had fun along the way.

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Episode 3

The Integral Guide to Well-Being

In this episode I interview the brainchild behind an increasingly influential online wiki for psychological healing, The Integral Guide to Well-Being. Levi, who prefers to stay behind-the-scenes and doesn’t publicize his identity, created an interactive, graphic notebook that has between 1,600 to 1,800 pages, and has tens of thousands of unique readers each month.

Episode 2

Psychoacoustics and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

This episode features Paula Marie Scatoloni, a psychotherapist that uses sound vibrations to reset hyper- or hypo-active nervous systems after trauma. This method is called psychoacoustics, and Paula uses a tool called the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) to stimulate the tiny muscles of the inner ear, “massaging” the polyvagal nerve, and activating the body’s safety, belonging, and relaxation system. SSP has been shown to relieve symptoms of dissociative depression, and anxiety.

Episode 1

This is Your Therapist, on Ketamine

I believe that therapists, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists who recommend ketamine--and more and more are doing just that--should have a firsthand experience of ketamine themselves. 

Today I speak with Maria Hernandez, a psychotherapist in Philadelphia, who did just that. Maria was a participant at our Bethesda, Maryland ketamine assisted psychotherapy clinic, Calliope Health. 


Episode 4

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