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The Daring Doctor: Treating Food Allergies with OIT

1 in 13 kids have food allergies in the U.S. This scary condition that can lead to fatal anaphylaxis (the sudden constriction of airways) is debilitating to live with. Dr. Manav Segal is an allergist based in Philadelphia to which my family owes a debt of for curing our son’s debilitating allergy to dairy by offering a treatment for food allergies called Oral Immunotherapy or (OIT).

Hypnosis 101

You'll get a kick out of watching a professional hypnotist try to improve my my tennis game.

How does hypnosis work in the brain? Who benefits most? When is it ineffective? Taylor Sherman shares his expertise on this fascinating subject.

How Running Makes Us Human

Why do we run? When Vybarr Cregan-Reid set out to answer this question, he began a journey into the science and psychobiology of the human body which—he says—is born to run.

We talk about Cregan-Reid’s book, Footnotes: How Running Makes us Human, why natural running—running barefoot—is being embraced by running enthusiasts as the solution to injuries that plague modern runners.

Loving Someone With an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders trigger strong emotional reactions in loved ones and therapists who can end up in a tug of war to make the disturbing symptoms stop.

Eating disorder specialist Dana Harron says love and compassion are key ingredients to successful treatment. We talk about the most common types of disordered eating, and we separate eating disorder facts from fiction.

Rising Star: The Music of American Idol’s Alec Shaw

When you hear the music that 23-year old Seattle musician Alec Shaw is writing and performing you know he’s headed somewhere big. But whether he knows that yet is a different story.

Several of Alec's most popular songs are featured throughout our discussion as we banter about about his romantic life, his (super talented!) creative process, and how he's dealt with stage fright and performance anxiety.

At Home in Your Voice: NPR Funding Credit Voice Artist Jessica Hansen

Jessica Hansen is the voice of NPR's funding credits, and serves as in-house voice coach at NPR headquarters. Jessica's performed on NBC’s Parks & Recreation and HBO’s Veep.

In today’s episode of the Soul of Life, I speak with Jessica about how she’s helping performers work with new challenges while working from home.

What’s in a voice anyway? Does the way we make the sound of our voice really convey what we think it does?