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The Right Way to Have Sex

Is there a right way to have sex? Everybody thinks they’re doing it wrong or someone else is doing it better and shame can engulf sex. Signe Simon and Simone Humphrey, hosts of LoveLink, talk with me about really common reasons people have problems with sexual intimacy, and challenge the traditional norms around penetration and orgasm. What happens before sex? What happens during sex? We talk about discovering the difference between arousal and desire, open relationships, BDSM, kink, and...

Dominique Dawes: Olympic Gold Gymnast’s Emotionally Whole Coaching

Dominique Dawes is a three-time former U.S. Olympic gymnast and was a 10-year member of the U.S. national gymnastics team and part of the gold-medal-winning "Magnificent Seven" team at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. She recently opened her first gymnastics training academy in Clarksburg, Maryland to prove that there is a way to care for children and put the healthy minds and bodies of kids first in contrast to what she calls a culture of abuse that still exists in competitive gymnastics in...

Resonance Theory of Consciousness

How do you know that you’re conscious? I mean, don’t you just kind of know? Dr. Jonathan Schooler may know more than anyone. A prof of Psychological and Brain Sciences at U.C.S.B., he developed the "resonance theory of consciousness, cited more than 32,000 times by other academics research about consciousness.

We discuss how this relates to mind wandering and mindfulness, a habit that can lead to more productive and joyful moments.

Trans-Authentic: IFS and Gender Identity

I speak with IFS lead trainer and psychiatrist Frank Anderson about the surge of children exploring gender transition. We discuss a need for safe spaces for clinicians to explore fears and motivations with gender identity and how IFS' natural multiplicity differentiates protective parts of identity and authentic Self. "It takes somebody a while to [become] authentic. I couldn’t explore my sexual orientation until my trauma was healed....Let’s not make any decisions until you’ve healed your...

The Daring Doctor: Treating Food Allergies with OIT

1 in 13 kids have food allergies in the U.S. This scary condition that can lead to fatal anaphylaxis (the sudden constriction of airways) is debilitating to live with. Dr. Manav Segal is an allergist based in Philadelphia to which my family owes a debt of for curing our son’s debilitating allergy to dairy by offering a treatment for food allergies called Oral Immunotherapy or (OIT).

Hypnosis 101

You'll get a kick out of watching a professional hypnotist try to improve my my tennis game.

How does hypnosis work in the brain? Who benefits most? When is it ineffective? Taylor Sherman shares his expertise on this fascinating subject.