The Right Way to Have Sex

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Is there a right way to have sex?

Everybody thinks they’re doing it wrong or someone else is doing it better. There’s so much shame surrounding sex.

Today on The Soul of Life I speak with two Brooklyn psychologists, Signe Simon and Simone Humphrey about their podcast, LoveLink, founded to help people talk more about sex and love.

We talk about really common reasons people have problems with sexual intimacy, and challenge the traditional norms around penetration and orgasm. Says Simon, “What happens before sex? What happens during sex? What happens after sex? What’s the appetizer, what’s the entrée, what’s the dessert?”

We talk about the power of discovering the difference between arousal and desire.

How are millennials are having sex? Does marriage matter anymore?

Do you feel anxiety about having one partner for the rest of your life?

"A lot of women in heterosexual couples come in and say, “I just don’t really want to have sex. I have really low desire. Something is wrong with me.”

-Simone Humphrey,  co-host of LoveLink podcast 

PsyD, is a therapist and co-founder of LOVELINK. Currently, Simone is currently in private practice in Manhattan ( She graduated from Rutgers University with a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and specializes in working with couples and survivors of trauma. Initially an undergraduate film major, Simone has a passion for developing creative and unconventional ways to promote mental health and wellbeing.

Signe Simon,

PhD, is a Manhattan therapist and co-founder of LOVELINK. Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Signe has lived in New York City for over a decade. She graduated from Fordham University with a doctoral degree in counseling psychology and received her BFA in film and television from New York University. Signe teaches graduate students and works with individuals, groups, and couples. For more information visit

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