Tierra Curry: Clean Rivers, Clean Health

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We know that there is a direct link between human well-being and the health of the natural environment.

When I heard about Tierra Curry’s ecological conservation work it wasn’t from reading a scholarly article about forest bathing or how much green space there is per square mile. I heard about Tierra because she had the brass to use her own body as a way to start conversations about protecting natural resources.

Last summer, Curry, a senior scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity, immersed herself in 108 rivers across the U.S. in order to bring attention to the state of water quality and it’s vital role in our own health and sustainability.

Read about this story in the Washington Post. 

We discuss why we need new ways to think about who we are as a society. Are we just producers and consumers? Or are we more than the jobs we do and the things we have? And how do we stay hopeful and motivated in an age of climate fatigue?

"It’s a contest to see who can fully immerse themselves in the most rivers between summer solstice and fall equinox."

– Tierra Curry, Senior Scientist at the Center for Biologic al Diversity

Tierra Curry, Saving Life on Earth Campaign Director, Senior Scientist, focuses on building a movement to end extinction. She works nationally with individuals and groups in support of celebrating and protecting biodiversity. Prior to joining the Center in 2007 she worked as an amphibian field biologist, environmental educator and community organizer. She holds a bachelor’s in English from Berea College and a master’s in biology from Portland State University.

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