Heartbroken but not Broken

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Today I speak with Jaime Clemmer, author of Heartbroken, But Not Broken, which offers readers an intimate recounting of how she got through any parent’s worst nightmare–her son’s sudden death at the age of 10.

Clemmer shares the details of her unfettered grief to offer license to anyone struggling to tell their own story. She invites you to walk with her. Her path is complicated and sacred, as is the case with most grievers.

Hearing her story, together, we can mourn with those who mourn and comfort those who are in need of comfort. We can be present for people in their sorrow.

Jaime’s story is also a testament to us all that there are no bad emotions. There are no bad parts of us in our mind. When we can have a relationship to our feelings and embody them they can be productive and a vital part of having a balance mind and body.

"I would do anything! Anything! To have one more minute with my child."

– Jaime Clemmer, author of Heartbroken but not Broken
From the book jacket: We live in a culture that seldom speaks openly about grief. In some instances, we are even embarrassed to show our sorrow. Why are we ashamed to cry? Why do we feel that sharing sadness is unacceptable? In Heartbroken, But Not Broken, Jaime Clemmer’s story is a testament to us all that tears are not a source of embarrassment, and sorrow is not something to be hidden.
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