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John Annerino is believed to have run the longest wilderness ultramarathon ever, covering 750 miles of daunting Arizona wilderness from Mexico to Utah.

In this episode of The Soul of Life we explore John’s long and distinguished career a photographer, author, and adventurer of photography literary essay books, photographic essays, and calendars of the American West and Old Mexico.

Through recent and historical photos, essays, and literary quotes, Annerino takes readers across what the Spaniards often feared as "despoblados," or uninhabited lands, from Old Mexico to the Four Corners of ancient cities, painted deserts, and trilingual cultural landscapes--some of the most inaccessible land on the continent.

Annerino’s work has appeared in Time, LIFE, the New York Times, National Geographic Adventure and Scientific American, among many others. His map, “The Grand Canyon Explored,” is on display at the Grand Canyon National Geographic Visitor Center.

John has dedicated his life to photographing, researching, and writing about endangered landscapes, Native peoples, Western cowboys, Spanish traditions, and trilingual borderlands.

In his quest to explore the Grand Canyon’s and Great Southwest’s mythic landscapes and secret places by foot, raft, rope, camera, and pen, John has climbed hallowed peaks, rafted wild and scenic rivers, traversed deep chasms and painted deserts, and traced ancient Indian, missionary, and pioneer trails on foot. 

Annerino’s award winning books and photography include, In the Chasms of Water, Stone and Light, Vanishing Borderlands: The Fragile Landscape of the U.S.-Mexico Border, The Virgin of Guadalupe: Art and Legend, Indian Country: Sacred Ground, Native Peoples, among other distinguished publications. 

"Dreamscape, White Sands" by John Annerio
"Monument Valley Sunrise" by John Annerino

"The sunrise squeaked through, there was one photo, and the lights were turned off after that."

– Adventure Photographer and Author John Annerio
One of John Annerino's few self-portraits, taken at the end of the 750 miles run.

John Annerino is an award winning photographer, author, and photojournalist of distinguished photography books, illustrated nonfiction books and maps, magazine and news features, and single-artist calendars of the American West, Old Mexico, and the United States/Mexico border region.

Covers and folios courtesy of National Geographic Adventure, LIFE Magazine, Arizona Highways Online Arizona Memory Project.
All Rights Reserved. John Annerino 2021.

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