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The Soul of Life Show – a podcast

Episode 1

Why I’m Optimistic About 2021: Possibilities from Connection

This Soul of Life bonus episode will dive into very practical ways to mindfully reflect on being who you want to be in 2021. I talk about how the brain is a connection machine and how you can use moments, like little prayers, to help generate energy and focus. Season 1 is wrapped! I can't wait to share my amazing guests for S2, launching 2/5/21.

Episode 18

The Edge of Fear: Alex Honnold’s Mom on the Free Solo Mindset

At the age of sixty-six, Dierdre Wolownick became the oldest woman to climb El Capitan, the iconic 3,200-foot "big wall" in Yosemite. Earlier that year, her son, Alex Honnold, stunned and terrified the world by climbing the same 1/2 mile vertical wall without ropes—a free solo assent. Should we see Honnald’s climbing as reckless? A sophisticated dance with passive-aggressive self-harm? Or does our strong emotional reaction to his mastery and success in this solitary sport say more about our own denial of the risks we take every day?

Episode 17

The Faces of God: Grace and hope for all parts of you

What if you could have the eyes of God—confidence, clarity, compassion, connection, creativity—in your everyday human life? What is an “authentic connection to the Divine?” Grace. Love. Light. Peace. I know—at this time more than ever—if you’re on a path of faith that leads to these things, sign me up. I'm in. The action of a true divine connection is a surrender. It’s a releasing into what is already there. But what’s the difference between a spiritual life and a spiritualizing life? And why—if so many Christians define their spiritual connection to God as loving, welcoming and accepting, do so many non-Christians define God as the opposite? In this episode of The Soul of Life I speak with Jenna Riemersma, an addiction therapist and author of a book called Altogether You, to talk about...

Episode 16

Medicine for the Mind 101

Dr. Joel Bernanke and I cover the power, potential and pitfalls of psychopharmacology and its alternatives. This crash course in medicine for the mind covers:

• Misconceptions about how medicine for the mind works
• The “pill-pushing” psychiatrist
• Can genetic testing improve psychiatric outcomes?
• What role does marijuana play in causing or treating depression?
• Safety of pediatric psychiatry including ADHD treatment

And much more....