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“Your doctor doesn’t even know what the nerve innervation of the female genitalia is—which in 2022 is mind boggling.”

Today I speak with Dr. Rachel Rubin, a board-certified urologist and sexual medicine specialist.

“I’m a boner doctor.”

To talk with her about the most common and serious sexual problems: Problems regarding libido, orgasm, arousal, and pain. And just how many simple and life-changing tools are available for you to take advantage of.

“We used to think it was all in people’s heads. The truth is actually it’s not very often in people’s heads. It can be a very scary marker of future cardiovascular problems.”

Rachel is passionate about educating women—especially about how to take joy and pleasure in their bodies.

“It is a VERY common thing in female patients. They’re disgusted by the sight of their own genitals. It’s a very universal, icky thing…how do we change that?”

We discuss how important it is to be comfortable thinking in depth and talking in depth about our sexuality in order to untangle the painful knots that are bound to occur between couples even in healthy relationships. And I ask Dr. Rubin about the bias in the clinical counseling field to focus A LOT on psychological and emotional issues when it comes to low desire and low libido.

She has made it her mission to address fears people have about addressing the biology that underpins apathy toward sex.

"We hate the idea…we HATE the idea that a pill can boost a women’s sexual function. Because we want it ALL to be psychosocial."

– Dr. Rachel Rubin, board-certified urologist and sexual medicine specialist

Dr. Rachel S. Rubin is a board-certified urologist and sexual medicine specialist. She is one of only a handful of physicians with fellowship training in sexual medicine for all genders. Dr. Rubin is a clinician, researcher, and passionate educator. In addition to being education chair for the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH), she serves as associate editor for the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews. Dr. Rubin completed her medical education at Tufts University, her urology training at Georgetown University, and her sexual medicine fellowship training with Dr. Irwin Goldstein in San Diego.

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