Sourdough with Brian Lagerstrom

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Today on The Soul of Life I speak with Brian Lagerstrom, a professional chef and baker who just recently left the world of restaurants and is making a living producing YouTube videos of bread, sourdough, pizza, and dinner recipes.  

“I don’t have any interest in a soupy pizza, let’s be honest.” 

You know, there’s already 16 really good videos on how to make cinnamon rolls. So how do you make the 17th video stand out?”

Brian shares about the comradery and caveats of restaurant cheffing and what drew him to this demanding work.

“I don’t have anything profound to say about Anthony Bourdain but he inspired me, for sure, to become a chef. Even though the book explicitly says “Do not do this. Do not become a chef.”

I ask Brian about my $26 bag of “heirloom flour” and he opines about the mythology that can surround poetic claims of vintage starter. 

"People figuring out how to get their starter to do what it wants that’s the biggest hurdle. The second is people getting their hands on the dough. Most people don’t know what to do with dough that is above 66% hydration. It’s just like an enigma to them."

– Chef Brian Lagerstrom
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