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Today on The Soul of Life I speak with Dr. Corey Allan, Sex and Marriage and Family Therapist, author of Naked Marriage, and longtime host of Sexy Marriage Radio, a podcast devoted to straight-forward, honest conversations about what goes on behind closed doors in your marriage.

“We don’t have sex by accident. You don’t trip and fall and wind up in a vagina. Cause if that’s the case what in the world is she laying like that on the ground for?”

Dr. Corie Allan and his wife Pam are the hosts of Sexy Marriage Radio, a podcast about marriage and sexual intimacy he started ten years ago.

Sex in Marriage is a Long Game

Corey says sexual issues are life issues, and life issues are sexual issues.

“If we could heal the sexual wounds of God’s people, we would heal God’s people.”

We talk about the hard work, patience, and skill it takes to stay centered, be true to yourself, and be vulnerable to your partner with physical intimacy.

Corey’s message is that none of us in marriage or committed partnership are alone when it comes to feeling sexually frustrated at some point in married life. Normal people have problems in their sex life. Everybody faces levels of dysfunction at some point. And living proof that there is hope for every person, every couple, to learn and grow sexually even through major differences in sexual desire is Dr. Allan and his wife who co-host Sexy Marriage Radio speak openly about their own dynamics in the bedroom.

"If we could heal the sexual wounds of God’s people, we would heal God’s people."

– Dr. Corey Allan, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Corey Alan is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Texas. He is the author of Naked Marriage: Uncovering Who You Are And Who You Can Be Together and the host of Sexy Marriage Radio.

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