Unlocking the puzzle of personality with the Enneagram

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Today I speak with Michael Goldberg, author of The 9 Ways of Working: How to use the the Enneagram to Discover Your Natural Strengths and Work More Effectively.

“The enneagram—while it’s about individual personality types—it’s really about a pathway through life, where are you?”

I share with Michael the results of me taking a 20-minute online Enneagram test and we practice some armchair psychology, talking about Jeff Bezos and Oprah’s personality types.

And Michael delves into how he’s examining some of our culture’s ancient stories through the lens of the Enneagram in a book he’s writing that includes the Old Testament story of Jacob, and the Greek story of Medusa. 

"It certainly gets harder—when we’re in survival mode—to remember that we’re magical beings."

-Michael Goldberg, author of The 9 Ways of Working

Michael Goldberg has been on the faculty of graduate schools of management, law and psychology. An attorney and certified mediator, he has mediated hundreds of disputes, including large-scale community controversies. He was an attorney at the now famous US Office of Government Ethics.

He has taught the enneagram personality styles widely for thirty years.

Michael has written two books: The 9 Ways of Working introduces the enneagram personality styles to the workplace for creativity and collaboration. Travels with Odysseus retells Homer’s Odyssey as engaging, profound teaching stories that inform and inspire.

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Episode 16

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